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As a full service design studio and as visual artist with over 7 years of experience inhouse and around the world, Nina Juric gained relevant experience in conception, management, both post- and preproduction and in the operational field of design, art and animation. She is a fan of  clear communication and familiar with aquisition and sponsorings.

Attracted by the third dimension, she is working as a mediaartist and VJ on 2D & 3D installations with analog or digital space sync to music, since the early days.

She is a visionary and exploratory thinker and prototyping activist in the world of new technologies and new media. Cgi or Die. She loves gameshows and happenings. Try and error.

Since 2005 she has been giving seminars and workshops on audiovisual subjects at international design universities in Lisboa (Pt), Stuttgart or Düsseldorf (Ger). Her works has been shown all around the world on screenings and festivals. She loves to take part in exhibtions and colaborations.

Right now she works on musicvideos, directs experimental videos pieces around the visual music theme, always on her aquarel illustrations, is talentscouting for and is founding LettersAreMyFriends - a typographic concept store with KE4."""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""

Born in 1980 Nina Juric first studied Art & Media / Media Design at the University of Applied Sciences in Schwäbisch Hall with a semester abroad following (DAAD scholarship) at the Cleveland Institute of Art (Ohio, USA) as well as an internship at the animation production of Studio Filmbilder (Stuttgart).

2001 she started freelancing as a media designer amongst others - for the Virtual Reality Center (Daimler Chrysler, Stuttgart),, pulver records and various advertising agencies and different production & post production companies.

During that time she was part of solid cooperation, mongomania and tensionbasement, all artist networks in the south of germany.

She finished her university studies (BA Hons) with a focus in "media theatre & use in three-dimensional space" with her own theatre play production “Elektro P.” based upon the subject of "firewall: immune system of a social network", which was later innovation-awarded with the “Theaterpreis 2003” of the city of Stuttgart. 

Since 2003 she is running her own "Nindustrict". Beside that she performs as VJ and exhibits as media artist Nin.Sha or Truede Noizer.

2005 Nina absolved a master programm at the Baden-Württemberg Film Academy in TV & Film Design. Besides numerous motion pictures she was involved (Art Direction/Artwork/ TypeInMotion) in the award-winning 3D-Short „458nm“, which received the Golden Nica at the Ars Electronica in 2005. In addition her final project „Goldkyd-Kill Your Darlings“ was presented at the FMX/talents EEOE Junior Showcase 2007 and nominated at the ADC.

One year working as an Artdirector & Motiondesigner for a dancing show with 40 moving beamers in LasVegas and Berlin followed.

In 2007 Nina Juric moved to Berlin and has been an inherent part of the event and socio-cultural label „L32“ and the art collective "artitude". Her priorities regard a broad network and colaborations in the range of art, technology and music environment.

Through her work in and for agencies and productions like Razorfish/NeueDigitale (Berlin), DMC (Hamburg), Strukt (Vienna), onformative (Berlin), ShapeMinds (Berlin) or Polynoid (Stuttgart) and clients like Olafur Eliasson (Berlin), Boss, Nokia, Telekom, RedBull, ARD, WDR, BASF, komoot and TocaMe she has access to a large national and international creative network and possesses broad knowledge of the industry in various segments (Advertisement / TV / Film / Theater / Show / Online). 

Therefore she attracted MELT.’s attention, where she worked halftime as a networker, talent scout and recruiter in 2010. After a while she decided to focus again on her creative productions."""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""

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